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How to roast a Chicken
Cooking time and temperature

Cooking time depends on the size of the chicken, marinade and starting temperature of the chicken, the roasting vessels and oven itself. Average cooking time is approximately 40 minutes per kilo at 160 – 200 C.  Please note that stuffed chicken takes 23 – 40 minutes longer to cook than the one, which is not stuffed.



Oven temperature

Meat temperature

Cooking time

Broiler chicken



25 minutes per each 500 grams




40-60 minutes


How to know that the chicken is cooked?

When roasting in the oven chicken starts sizzling (and clean juice comes out), breast slightly enlarges and the skin rises, thighs get lighter and move easier in joints.

To make sure that the chicken is cooked, pierce a fork or a toothpick in the thickest part of meat; the juice, which comes out should be transparent and not pinkish.

For the final check, raise the chicken and observe the juice coming out from the hole left after the piercing. If the last drops are clean and yellow – the chicken is ready, if not – put it back into the oven for additional 5 minutes. 

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