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Georgian corn-fed chicken

About us

“Biu Biu” chicken meat producer company is the largest poultry enterprise in Southern Caucasus region. 

“Biu Biu” chicken whole production cycle is undertaken in Georgia and is certified according to ISO 22000 standards. 

In 2013 Chirina was the first company to open fresh chicken stores under brand name of “Biu Biu” and to provide customers with daily fresh chicken products. 

Locally produced chicken is also successfully exported abroad, representing popular and demanded product. 

Chirina introduced and continues introducing the latest trends in the field of agriculture on the Georgian market. Company cooperates with globally acknowledged industry leaders, therefore all of Chirina’s enterprises are equipped with modern technologies. Biu Biu chicken is produced in Gardabani Region, where mainly local population is employed, which plays an important role in regional development. 

One of the prevailing priorities of Chirina is to care about our environment and to have waste-free manufacturing process. For instance, company processes chicken manure into organic fertilizer - chicken compost “Biu Terra”. 

Apart from “Biu Biu” chicken products, LLC “Chirina” produces high-quality hatching eggs. Chirina consequently provides hatching eggs not only to local Georgian poultry producers, but also exports it to neighboring countries.

About us

Why us?

100% Georgian product

Chickens grow on grain grown on Georgian soil

Chickens do not grow in cages

Grown without hormonal supplements

Each production field is accredited with ISO 2200 standard, with HACCP principles

Chicken meat is laboratory-tested

Fresh Chicken Shops

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Fresh Chicken Alert!

Daily fresh chicken and variety of fresh chicken parts are guaranteed in BIU BIU store chain across those locations. 

We take pride in supplying our stores with the freshest chicken meat every single day, so that you can treat yourself to the finest quality poultry.

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Address Address: 9 Lado Gudiashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

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